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discoDSP Discovery 6.8

Discovery can hold up to 128 patches at any one time
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The discoDSP Discovery software used for programming sounds boasts of absolute flexibility while programming your own sounds. Selecting the appropriate oscillators out of the two offered, adding a filter out of the several filters offered and programming the ADSR envelope for the sound enables you to program the desired sounds using DiscoDSP Discovery as per their claim.

The highly organized menu makes it a user friendly software which can be easily navigated through.. Discovery is an expressive synth for different music styles, supporting 4 layers per patch, and morphing between layers. Also, it helps that the flexible modulation scheme and the effects menu which comes built in will allow you to color the sound to suit your taste and helps to save it in a memory bank of 128 patches spread across 40 banks which offers as high as 3500 presets, including a dedicated electronic percussion section.

The software allows the user to navigate easily through the banks using the arrows or by clicking the bank name which gives a dropdown menu with the options available. Also, the green LEDs found for each feature allows switching from one effect to another and trying the different options effortlessly.

The discoDSP Discovery software allows the user to enable or disable MIDI velocity to layer morphing, switch between Delay and Gate effects, Sync or Unsync cross delay to host tempo, define the pitch bend range, and sync or unsync to host tempo easily using the clearly explained tabs and options. The menu options offers the user with multiple utilities and effects in a user friendly way. However, the huge number of effects may appear confusing to a novice.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Boasts of absolute flexibility


  • A little complicated user interface
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